19:57 25-01-2016
Hello Dawda, you were my guide on 07-01-2016 and I find you a very good guide (one of the best I think) with eyes that see birds which are almost invisible. I hope that a lot of people will hire you as a (bird)guide (I will the next tiome I'm in Gambia). I will recommend you to all who ask me.
16:41 20-01-2016
David Hampton
I like your website. Are you any relation of Cherno M Barry who lived in Banjul in 1966 and had a son called Dawda? I was a VSO in Yundum at that time.
23:23 30-07-2015
hi dawda barry you are the best bird guide in the gambia with a happy smiling face happy koriteh to you and you family i wishing you and your family many more to come with a long life and happiness and a peace of mind thanks....
18:30 26-07-2013
Very nice pictures!!
12:40 10-07-2013
Hi Dawda,
Nice website and beautiful pictures. I hope that a lot of people will hire you as a (bird) guide!
22:18 31-05-2013
hello Dawda your webside is really great
ii enjoy really the pics with the beautiful birds
Greetings Julia
15:50 01-05-2013
HI Dawda, naka nga def? Jamarek. Naka wa kerr? Ligey bi (became graet when I see your website, I hope that you got so many clients! I told you that I sent you a packet, but I am afraid that you did not receive it, for I don't hear from you) Nyu yendo jam, Nuyoo Loes
02:19 20-04-2013
Hey Dawda, it looks very good!!!!!!! A nice website and beautiful birds and pictures of Helena.
13:53 24-03-2013
Great start